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Just Worship: due July 2024

My latest book, Just Worship, is due out in July 2024. You can pre-order a copy here.

Christians are called to be holy as God is holy, and perfect as God is perfect. The way we live should lead people to praise God, as our good deeds show the world what God is like.

So what is God like? How do we live lives that reflect his character? How do we make sure that every part of our lives – not just the religious parts – are lived in worship to God? And in particular – how do we work for justice and live just lives as part of our worship of God?

Focusing on the Law and the Prophets, Just Worship analyses the principles for a just society given by God to his people, and explores how those principles might be reflected in the UK today. God is the same God today as he was when he called the Ancient Israelites into a new land and again when he sent the prophets to remind his people of his ways. The Law and the Prophets tell us about God's character and his understanding of what a just society looks like. We can use these texts to consider who God is and how, as Christians, we can work for justice and live lives that reflect God's character to the world.

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